Our Story

nullIn 1875 Pastor A.D. Greif of St. Peter Lutheran Church in Serbin looked into the possibility of conducting services in Giddings, though Giddings served as little more than a preaching station until 1883.  Prior to this on October 1, 1882 a group got together for the chief purpose of erecting a school for children to learn German.  The schoolhouse was erected on Richmond Street betweeen Leon and Madison.
Early in 1883, the group began inquiring about the possibility of celebrating Holy Communion, but Rev. Buchschacher insisted that the congregation must have a constitution prior to this taking place. On May 13, 1883 a meeting was called for this purose, and by 1884 the small congregation numbered 74 baptized and 55 communicant members.
The school, which originally brought the congregation together would be discontinued  from 1886 to 1889 after the teacher, Mr. Henry Werner, left to teach in Serbin.
1890 would be the first year that Immanuel would have its own resident Pastor, Rev. Richard Krenke.  He would also serve as the teacher of the Christian Day School.  His tenure would only last two years.  In 1894 under the leadership of Rev. George P.A. Kirschke, Concordia College of Giddings would get its start.  The College would make several moves before finding its current location in North Austin , and now named Concordia University Texas.
By 1895 the congregation had grown to 300 baptized and 200 communicant members.  Much history about the congregation, the town of Giddings, and the people has been compiled and is easily accessible at the Giddings Public Library, Serbin Wendish Museum, and in the Church records.
The current sanctuary was dedicated on January 15, 1961.  The campus currently boasts a fellowship hall (previously the school gym and classrooms), a two story Pre-K thru 8th grade school building, school gym, an Early Childhood Center, Church Office Building, and Athletic Field.  God's future and plans for Immanuel continue to be discussed and prayed about as the ministry for Christ continues to be the highest priority.
In 2014 the congregation numbered nearly 1300 baptized members and 1000 communicant members.
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