Prayer Ministry

Image result for prayer ministry serves an important role as a prayer chain for anyone requesting prayer.  Your request will go to one person then make its way through a chain of Prayer Warriors.  


 We consider it a privilege to pray for you!   If you would like the  PRAYER CHAIN to pray for you,  please call the church office and we will submit your request.  


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“Ask, and it will be given to you. Search, and you will find. Knockand the door will be opened to you.                  
                               Matthew 7:7




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A Prayer Warrior is anyone committted to praying for others; standing against the spiritual battle we all face daily.  If you have a request for the Prayer Warriors, simply click on the submit button and share your request.  The prayer chain will soon be praying for your need(s); there is no need too great or too small.


Image result for confidentialIf you have a Confidential prayer request for the Pastor or Church Staff, you may call the church office at  979-542-2918 or email:


Image result for church bulletin clipartIf you would like your prayer request in the Church Bulletin, please call the church office at 979-542-2918 or email: